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1. Take your identity document and credit card

You must use one of the following documents to authorize your identity: your driving license, passport, student or library card. The credit card must be the same one that you used while making an order on this website.

2.Hide certain details in the documents

We won't be needing all the information in your ID or credit card, and we ask you to cover the irrelevant details while taking a photograph. For instance, you can hide them with small pieces of paper. On your card, we will be looking for your full name and the last four digits. Your name and address is what interests us in your ID.

3. Take a photograph

You can use your mobile device, camera or a scanner to create digital copies of your documents.

4. Email the photos

Feel free to email the photographs to our email address, upload them directly to your personal account or fax the images to the number below.

upload to your order FAX: 1-800-776-46-43

5. You have now authorize your payment

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